202. How To Be Awesome At Knowing “This Is Just A Moment”

Lindsay says…”I've learned to really hold on to 5 words in many situations.  And the interesting thing about it is, I use the same 5 words in difficult life moments and in the very best life moments."

Those words are… this is just a moment.

When it’s an amazing life experience or phase of your life, it’s the best reminder to soak it all in, feel all the feelings and really be where your feet are.  Because this is just a moment and it won’t last forever.

And when it’s a super challenging time of life, or really bad day or a time when you’re dealing with grief and sadness, those same 5 words can help so much.  
This is just a moment.  The pain you feel now, you won’t feel forever.  

You might replace the word moment with phase or period of time in life depending on the situation but the message is the same.  It’s a moment in time, and it won’t last forever.

We love something that is easy to remember - something that pops into your mind when you’re in a situation or a phase or feel like you’re at rock bottom or feel like you’ve never been happier and you’re on top of the world.  If it’s good, breathe it in, live in it.  If it’s not, know that things get better with time and this too shall pass.  

This is just a moment.  Let’s go!

A few points Lindsay talks about:

-We know this about time - it keeps passing, no matter what we do.

**If it’s not a particularly great phase or situation… **

-If you can hang on, soon enough, it will be different.

-Let’s talk about ways this comes into our lives.

-Hard phases with kids - a toddler who won’t sleep for example.

-Feels like you will never be out of that phase, and then you wake up one day, and you are in fact, out of that phase.  That period of time that was painful and felt like it would never end, actually ended.  And often looking back, it wasn’t as painful as we thought.

-Picture yourself on the other side of it.

-When do you picture you’re be out of it?

-Time heals things!!

-Or if it’s irritating things!
A terrible meal at a restaurant

-Helps to have more patience
-like with a slow moving grocery clerk
-or aging parents
-or kids who won’t.get.in.the.car!

**If it’s a great phase or situation… **


-Whatever that moment is for you - a super high high.  Maybe it’s on vacation at a magical place.  Or running a mile further than you’ve ever run before.  Or reconnecting with someone you thought you wouldn’t connect with again and mending a friendship and now you have that special person back in your life.  

-Breathe it in.  Take an actual picture, take a mental picture.

-Snuggling newborn babies

-beach days - seasons - enjoy it while you can - it is just a moment

-what can you do to savor things now?

-take a trip alone with one of your kids - one day they will be at college and you won’t have the same opportunity.

-This may sound sad but it’s healthy and realistic.  Nothing is permanent.

-This allows us to get through hard or unpleasant things.  And really enjoy the awesome things, which also makes the tough times easier to get through.  I think when you really LIVE in those high highs, you don’t get depressed or quite as down when things aren’t going your way.

CHEERS to making the best of the phase and situation you’re in.  Because we know, it’s just a moment.