201. How To Be Awesome At Hosting A Party And Enjoying It Too

How to host a party or gathering and really enjoy it too!

Tips that work for kids parties and adults parties… or small get togethers or parties on a bigger scale.

You put so much into creating a fun party experience for you and your guests… once the party starts… you need to be in FUN mode… not execution mode.

This podcast episode is filled with lots and lots of ideas of how to do that.  So you aren’t worried about getting the right pictures or picking up the dirty plates when people are done or running around trying to fix the music that’s not playing like it’s supposed to be.

We are talking about creative ways to have so many of these things handled ahead of time or during the party - but by other people!  So you are free to enjoy your guests and have the best time.

Also thinking of all the little details ahead of time - any food allergies you need to accommodate for, where the candles and lighter will be if it’s a birthday, having a signature drink or cocktail ready so everyone gets a first refreshment quickly.

Anything that could send you on a mission to solve on the day of the party - we are going to work on ahead of time instead.

What’s worth spending a little extra on and ways you can save are key too.  

Here are some of the key points mentioned:

-Walk yourself through the entire day of the event - from getting ready until the last guest leaves.

-Consider getting your hair and make-up done.

-Have people doing the things you would be doing!
Picking up dirty plates, refilling TP in the bathroom, offering people drinks etc.

-Have someone in charge of photos - so you don’t wake-up without the photos you wanted from your special event.  And that way you don’t have to be in charge of managing it.  Have a “shot list” made ahead of time.  Pay someone or have a friend do it.

-Make sure your tech is working!  Music, etc.

-Have a signature cocktail and consider a bartender.

-Know anyones diet restrictions

-Have things for the kids to do!

-Get drinks/ice ready ahead of time. And candles and lighter!

-Set-up as much as you can day before - anything that’s not perishable food

-Pay a little extra to have rentals delivered a day early!  This way you can take your time to design and set-up everything and you aren’t dashing at the last minute.

-Add an activity - for adult parties too!  Or even one everyone can do!  Like a characiture artist etc. Have things for people to DO!

-Have helpers to pick up things!

-Have some healthy options for food.

-Have to-go containers out and ready if you’re going to send people with food!

-Make sure you have enough sitting room - standing room.

-Have a snack station - for an app or for after party bites

-something will go wrong- let it go!! Be like ELSA! 😅

CHEERS to hosting a party AND enjoying it too!!