200. How To Be Awesome At Getting More Done with 90% Mindset


Lindsay says...
"I have to tell myself all the time - the goal here is 90%, not 100%. Which may sound backwards… in fact I want to give 110% to everything I do… but the reality is that when you shoot for 100 or 110%… you can’t get to as many things and often never actually get the things done. 
This feels very off brand to me, I have to be honest, but I really wanted to do this podcast because it’s something I wish I would have learned years ago.  Know when it’s a project that is best with 90% effort so it gets done and on time or when you want it done and you can move on to the next.  
In business and in life, some things I really wanted just timed out on me… it felt like such a big project and I wanted to do it soooo thoroughly that I never had time (made time) for what felt like a monster project.  And other times when I took something of the same scale, told myself I was going to get it done the best I could in four hours, it was great, and it was done.
I think there is so much power in knowing when 90% effort is the best in certain situations.  That’s what we’re talking about today… let’s go!"
A few key points: 
-90% and done is way way better than shooting for 100% and never getting to it.  You can get so many more things done and have so much more free time when you give full energy to things, but are happy with 90%.  
-When something gets too hard- know when to jump ship on the idea. 
-Ask yourself, now that this has gotten complicated, is it worth it? I find that usually not and I make a new plan.  To you it’s 90% but not to anyone else. 
-Be willing to change your idea!! 
-So you don’t waste time OR money. 
-Say you’re shopping for a gift for a friend and it’s killing you, you can’t find exactly what you want.. know when to call it! 
-Doing things this way gives you DOWN TIME.  You don’t need to be working all the time! 
Now you have time to get outside and do the things you love and come back refreshed. 
-Stop multitasking!  Do one thing and move on. 
It can be a way to procrastinate! 
-We have to stop necking our notifications like a drug. 
-Solution - put phone on other side of the room, silence notifications. 
-Start your day right- doncheck email and social first thing in the day.
-Write out your list ahead of time, night before or for the week. 
-Don’t over commit- you might have to say no. 
-Productivity is about accomplishing your highest priorities, effectively and efficiently.
-Know your first few hours of the day are your best and most sharp and productive. 
-For huge tasks, write down in pieces, not in a huge chunk on your to do list or it will never get touched. 
-Create time limits!!  That’s it - must be done in 30 mins or 3 hours etc. 
-Sometimes it’s better to pay someone to do it - if you don’t like doing it or it will take you a long time or it’s cheaper to pay for it than your time figuring it out. 
-Also- stop caring so much about things that don't matter. Know whats important to you and your life priorities- and don’t sweat (or spend too much time on) the rest! 
Sometimes 90% and DONE is way more awesome than 110%!!  This podcast goes through all of it!