199. How To Be Awesome At Starting A New Chapter In Your Life


We all go through different ages and stages of life…

Whether the changes feel like they were your choice or not… Or they feel more positive or negative…

They all have something in common… They push us into a new chapter. A new chapter that we can design ourselves.


The goal of this podcast is to empower you when you’re entering a new phase in life.  To approach with with clear intensions and without holding onto anything you don’t need from the previous chapters.


You’re writing your own story, and if you don’t like any part of it, the coolest part is you can start a new chapter anytime you want.  



-Why start a new chapter?

Maybe you are forced to 

Or you realize you are living too much in routine 

Or you know you need to for your health 


-Maybe you have grown kids who are moving out or moving away to college… Maybe you lost your job during Covid…

Or you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle and you want to 


-Types of ways to reinvent yourself...

Work change 

Fitness change 

Nutrition change 

Clear out physical clutter 

Clear out emotional clutter 


-Let’s talk about why it’s hard… 

Change is hard 

You don't know what the new chapter looks like 

But you do know what you will be losing 


-Let’s talk about some steps to get you there. 

Get uncomfortable 

Set small goals 


-Why its essential 

Because you don't want to have any regrets at 90 

We are here one time - you cant stay in a job you hate for the insurance benefits or because it makes someone else proud of you 


-Other episode to listen to:  How To Be Awesome At Doing What You Should Do 


-Do more of what you like - with the people you want to do it with- as many hours as possible.  That’s the goal. 


-Figuring things out is a forever game - you don’t have to know at a certain age and it will change!


-Stop looking backwards - your past doesn’t determine your future.

Stop dwelling on your losses that are holding you back! It’s over, move on! Be like Elsa and let it go!


-Whatever you want to do is absolutely possible… the question is… how hard are you willing to work for it? 


-Often times people think they are lazy or tired- I just think you might not love what you are doing. 


-Sometimes you just have to be patient. 


-You down have to see the whole staircase… just the next step. 


-There is so much power in knowing you are in control of everything.  Someone in your life sucks or are negative?  Limit them!!!


-You’ll never know what the alternative would have been. You pick one and you never ever ever even consider to look back.


-It’s all about what will you have the least regret about? 


Cheers to your next chapter!