193. How To Be Awesome At Burning Calories During Non-Workout Times


We usually think about our daily movement and calorie burn in terms of our workouts.  How often we workout, what types of workouts, how intensely… but the truth is…. we burn more calories throughout the day than during our actual workout times.

We often think of activity as in - did you work out today or not.  But Lindsay thinks we should think about it more like… how much did you move your body today overall.

We’re talking about enjoyable (not painful) ways to get in some extra movement.  It’s not only good for your body and your overall health and longevity… it’s so good for your mental health.  

Our goal in this episode is to give you lots of ideas of how to sneak in some extra movement so the next time you go to sit to do something… you’ll do it while walking or you sit to wait for 20 minutes, you’ll consider something active instead.

It’s so good for you and it’s fun!  

If you can’t make it to the gym- don’t count that day as a loss!  You can still get movement in!

The benefits are endless- sleep better and feel better and happier!


-Wear ankle weights around the house!  (Or out if you dare!)

-Focus on the daily - doesn’t need this big overall plan.

-While your kids do an activity - you do too!

-Walk after meals

-Lean into days when you have more energy

-If you have a desk job, set an alarm and take breaks, walk around.  Or standing desk or balance ball!

-Wear running shoes when you can (and clothes!)

-Keep supplies handy (weights in your car)

-Park farther away

-Take the stairs

-Short workouts when you can - 50 squats when taking your dog out

-Do active weekend activities - go bowling!! Or mini golf!

-Walk and talk!!

-Play WITH your kids instead of watching them

-Adventure on the weekends - hikes etc. Plan ahead of time!

-Do something on phone calls

-Stretch before bed… so good for flexibly and less likely to raid the pantry!

The little things you do daily add up!!  It’s all about momentum and moving your body when you can!

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CHEERS to your most active awesome self!