190. How To Be Awesome At Creating A Positive Home Vibe

Today we are talking about the vibe in your home- that overall feeling and energy that you create that’s so important. Whether you live by yourself or with lots of people, we are going through my list of physical and emotional things that we think you should consider when it comes to creating a home with a really positive and non-stressing feeling. 

This is one of those things that is easy to not really notice and then one day it hits you and you’re like ok this is not good.  Maybe you have so much clutter around that it never feels like you’re coming home to your happy place- which by the way, should be the goal with all of this.  Maybe you are stuck in a routine that is hurried and stressing and that ends up being the tone of the home.

The energy around us is just so important.  And most of us spend more time at home than anywhere else, plus it’s the place where we can have the most control of how it feels.

We're creating positive homes vibe today.  Let’s go!

2 ways!!  Physically and emotionally

The physical...

-Natural sunlight

-Get rid of clutter

-Open the windows

-Keep things that make you happy around

-Plants or flowers (real or faux)

-Light candles & make sure it smells good

-Make your bed

-Have sentimental things around

-Have a few positive reminders around too!

-Less news, more music

The emotional...

-Reduce the stress- period.  Figure out a way to.

-Use positive words

-Laugh and smile more

-Live in the moment - have a healthy relationship with tech at home - especially in the evenings

-Think outside the box of ways to make your family vibe cool on the weekend coming up

-Invite positive people over!

-Plan for spontaneous moments

-Think of what would make this really feel like your happy place (and anyone else that lives with you) like a HUGE breath of fresh air after a long day.  What does THAT feel like?

-When the energy is off.. hack it!  Change up the routine

-Have healthy foods in the fridge (you feel good when you eat good)

-If you are the leader (or one of the leaders) in your house- make sure you make time for yourself so you can show up happy for everyone else.

-Treat others well- have a no gossip rule.  It may be tempting - but why - envy and jealousy - which it likely is in some way- creates negative energy - the opposite of our goal here.

The environment in your home is just so important.  It’s like the lens you see things through, all day out in the world.  Let’s work to make it positive and happy.