Episode 19: How To Be Awesome At Traveling With Kids By Yourself!

 In this episode, Lindsay has all the tips for traveling with your kids… all by yourself!  And why she thinks you should do it!

Here are some of the highlights:

✅ Pick good times to fly when booking your trip

✅Pack lots of airplane snacks

✅Pack things for kids to do… little toys for kids to open.. and iPads!!

✅Send a box ahead of time with bulky things like diapers and practical things like cereal!

✅Pack your carry-on with things you need of the day!

✅Make reservations ahead of time - call concierge and kids club!

✅Try to pick a place that you can travel to then STAY there!

✅Lindsay’s goal is to not even rent a car!

✅Think of it as an adventure and a trip.. its not the same as a vacation

✅Don’t get overwhelmed!

So many great mom hacks packed into this episode!  Let us know what you think by commenting on Lindsay’s Instagram post about this episode @LindsaysCloud

Hope you try out some of these tips!  Happy traveling!

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