189. How To Be Awesome At Taking Time For You, So You Don’t Have Resentment


We are SO busy.

There is always something to do - what feels like endless to do lists.

We are often giving so much of ourselves to other people and your chores and your job.

If you don’t get in those things that make you happy - what you are left with is not great - it’s called resentment.

Resentment towards your kids, your boss, your spouse or significant other, your family… because you feel like you are constantly giving giving giving to one of more of these… without giving yourself what you need. 

Plus - we have very little downtime these days.  Social media is a 24/7 thing and we’re getting pinged with texted and emails non-stop.

In this episode, we are talking about making it a priority - and a non-negotiable one - to be by yourself and get in those things that make you oh so happy.  So your cup is nice and full and you can give your full energy to your work and those you love, and feel great about it.

Here are some things Lindsay talks about…
-Resentment.  Let’s define it - a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair
In this case, it’s like bitterness because things are off balance

-You might not even realize you’re feeling resentful.
Maybe your baby was up all night so you had to skip your morning workout - something that your baby didn’t do intentionally. Or maybe you’re saying yes to too many things at work so you get home late and feel like you have no life of your own then you wake up and do it all over again - so you’re resentful to your boss.

-Maybe you aren’t asking for what you need from your spouse so naturally they aren’t doing it - and you feel resentful because he goes and had a beer after work with his buddies and you don’t have the luxury to go out with your friends - heck some days you’re lucky to get a shower in by noon.  This is your sign to change things - rather than allow yourself to have resentment.

-Know what makes you happy and make sure you get it in.

-And if someone tells you that you can’t get what you need - tread carefully - but realize that you have to figure out a way - or you’ll have double resentment. 

-For family relationships- give them the space to get in their 10’s and they are much more likely to do the same for you.

-Don’t let people take too much of you or your time - it doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run.

-When you are resentful -put your energy towards getting a new plan going - rather than lashing out on them.

-It also gives you more patience!!

-So we are so busssssy doing all the things…
Question- Just because you are busy… does that mean you are being effective or efficient with your time?

-Spending time alone… you get a chance to give your brain a break.  Like any other muscle, your brain needs a break!  You can concentrate better and help you stay focused on your priorities.  Turn your phone off and spend some time alone.

-It’s amazing how clear solutions to your problems come to you when you focus on them without distractions.

-Also- it’s easier to have a clear focus on who you are and what’s important to you. Not just keep your mind constantly entertained- filling every free moment with scrolling or texting or emailing.  This is the mind reset you need

-What makes you happy?
-What gives you joy?
-What are you good at?

-How you spend your time, your energy and your money says whats important to you.

-You cannot pour from an empty cup.

-If you are not giving to yourself - you can’t give to others. You can’t give what you don’t have.

-Nobody is too busy- it’s just a matter of priorities

-Other ideas of how to take time for yourself… cook a meal for yourself… read a book… exercise… plan travel… take a hike… listen to your fav music… make a list of goals.

We have to know what makes us happy and make sure we get it in, so we have patience when the day goes sideways and don’t have resentment towards people in our lives.

CHEERS to the things you do for YOU, to have a healthy life balance (free from resentment)!