186. How To Be Awesome At Building Grit

On a scale of 1-10, what would you say is your level of GRIT? 
Everyone has a baseline of grit- your threshold- your mental toughness as it stands now. 
Maybe you’re a 4 naturally - and you’d like to be a 9.  I have the best news.  You can work your way to a 9… by pushing yourself consistently, seeing failure as temporary and an opportunity to learn and by doing things consistently that make you uncomfortable.
When you keep exercising your grit muscle - your number goes up and it never goes back down.  Put a little pressure on yourself.  Build that grit muscle.  It toughens you up and makes you more prepared for whatever life throws your way. 
And I’ve also learning that the best mindset for building girt is having a growth mindset.
Studies have shown that kids and adults are more likely to get up and keep trying when they fail because they believe that failure is temporary- we are alway learning. 
Today we are talking about getting little habits and routines in place to flex our grit muscle to become stronger and better. 
Let’s go!