185. How To Be Awesome At Prioritizing Your Girlfriends

Lindsays story!

Coming out of college Lindsay says…
When I graduated from college I had so many girlfriends - I was president of my sorority and active on campus so I just figured I would always have those relationships.  I was so excited to start my business and then later excited to meet the guy who would become my husband.  

Other points in this episode:  

-It’s a very important topic for girls and women of all ages.

-You need more than one - everyone has different situations and life experiences and you need more than one person to go to and spend time with.

Here are the steps!

Find your people

Be so beyond loyal and dedicated

Be vulnerable and open!

Keep them close - prioritize them and make time for them

-Put it on your calendar!!
Even if you don’t see people often- make it a priority to connect

-HACK! Set a timer on your phone to text people - it takes 2 minutes a day

-Give them your fill attention not distracted at a meal

-How great that we have our families but you can create your own families in a way.

-DM conversations - my family sucks - how about you create a new inner circle?

Why you need more than a spouse

-Gives you a better life balance

-You aren’t replying on one person to be your everything

-It’s fun and good for you to do your own thing then come back together - more to talk about

WHY do all this?

-Happier overall

-The highs are more fun

-The lows are easier to manage and work through

There is nothing quite like strong relationships with girlfriends.  The 22 year old Lindsay didn’t realize this but the 40 year old Lindsay certainly does now.

We hope this podcast inspires you to really focus on your relationships with girlfriends and give them the love and time that they need.  It brings so much to your life and you never know when you will really really need them, and to have them be there is everything.

CHEERS to girlfriends!!