184. How To Be Awesome At Not Trying To Be A Perfect Parent


As parents… I think the majority of us want to do the best for our kids, while still maintaining our sanity and feel like we have it together.  I think sometimes we try so hard and want to do a good job that before we know it, we’re trying to be perfect.  Which sounds like it might not be a bad thing… but actually… I think there are some serious problems that come along with trying to be a perfect parent.  
First, it’s an impossible expectation.  To try to or expect to be perfect at parenting is just setting yourself up for failure because well… some times things aren’t going to go as planned or we are just going to fall short.  
And, it kills authenticity.  If you’re always trying to hold it together, you aren’t expressing emotion and that’s for sure not what we want to teach our kids to do. 
Plus it robs our kids of the opportunity to learn HOW to handle situations and difficult emotions. 
We are letting go of parenting perfectionism today.  Let’s go!