181. How To Be Awesome At Post-Holiday Organize

Hope you had a great holiday!  We are getting back into our podcasting routine and starting with this episode all about post-holiday organizing.

So we all get the new stuff we got, and don’t just shove it in front of or on top of the old stuff you have- that you don’t use anymore and you don’t need- but rather, get a plan going for organizing as you go and doing it in a way that feels freeing and exciting and not painful and miserable.

The harsh truth about organizing that Lindsay wishes she would have really understood 10 years ago- organizing only works if you’ve gotten rid of the unnecessary stuff that gets in the way of the necessary stuff.  Just because you can store something, doesn’t mean you should. You really shouldn’t have to dig through anything to get to what you want.

So today as we start to emerge out of the holidays and pull our homes back together, let’s get a good plan together for starting the new year feeling organized and and purged and free from the clutter.

Today’s podcast is alllll about holiday organization!

Emerging out of the holidays and into the new year!
Back on sleep, exercise, nutrition and loving relationships and ORGANIZATION!!

Remember- your home is your happy place!!
It’s about having a home that feels like a breath of fresh air when you get home!

So here’s our plan!
Make a list of each area of the home and organize one project per day.

You have to be dedicated to this plan and ready to make the change.

Lindsay explains how to do it and why it’s so important - not just for this part of your life but for other parts of your life too!

Happy holidays and happy organizing!!