180. How To Be Awesome At Thanksgiving Moments

On today’s podcast, Lindsay talks about how she’s learned through the years that holidays can easily be overwhelming or even underwhelming.  It’s so much prep and set-up and planning… and often times it can feel like it’s just more work than it is fun.  On today’s podcast, she is sharing my favorite tips for enjoying the process and planning in a way that is comfortable for you and fun!  

Also, activity ideas and ways to connect everyone.  And in a time that is more polarizing than ever, we are chatting about some tips on how to avoid family conflict and things to think about ahead of time so the whole day is nice and smooth.

Lindsay really believes that little moments or ideas or traditions can make what would otherwise be pretty regular, extra ordinary and special and memorable.

Today, we are talking about Thanksgiving and ways to make sure the day is awesome for you and the ones you love.

**Here are some of the thoughts!**

-Family thankful cards - nobody knows who they are from - pass them around and guess

-Table cheers - what people are grateful for!

-Cookie decorating
Fun activity that gets everyone creating
Or have some other interactive food / dessert plan!

-Cute crafts - some adults will do it too!

-Other thankful activities - especially for kids

-Plan how to give back for the holidays with kids
Talk about what you are grateful for and how you can help others this holiday season

-Tips on managing the clean-up
Clean as you go, do the minimum and do the rest the next day

-How to enjoy the process and what to do when parts are painful
When it’s painful- outsource, simplify or skip it!

-Avoid conflict!
This is not the day to hash out how the president is doing or what everyone things about vaccine mandates.  Not. The. Time!
If you have someone who is known for poking the bear at this type of thing- give them a gentle heads up.

If your group is into that sort of thing!

Lindsay shares her favorite grateful quote at the moment.

We all have so much to be grateful for because we are reading this and listening to this right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ones you love!!