178. How To Be Awesome At Party Activities Kids Love!

Let’s talk about party activities!  

Today we are fully diving into fun activities for KIDS! Things to keep them busy and happy for the whole party.

Giving you lots of ideas of how to keep kids of all ages entertained and how to set it up so it’s exactly what your birthday boy or girl like best too.

How to set-up activities when you have a variety of ages of kids… and what the heck to do for older kids that’s not lame.

So many ideas for you… some with vendors and some doing entirely on your own… and most of them aren’t pricey- just require a little creativity and advanced planning.

If you are throwing a kids party, or a party of any kind where kids will be at, this episode is for you!

The smallest things can make a party extra magical and Lindsay thinks often that’s in the activities.

For kids parties and adults parties and parties with kids and adults… it’s great to have things for everyone to do.  

We’re talking about using vendors for some of the activities and other times building the activity yourself.

Lindsay talks about really trying to think about the person that the party is for and what would be the most fun for them… and usually those same things are what their guests will like too!  

When she's doing a kids party where parents stay, she tries to have something fun for them to do as well.  Sometimes it’s a creative cocktail and food experience to match the theme… and other times like when she did a mermaid party for Presley she did hair braiding girl and a nail art girl come and we set up beauty stations for the moms!

We’re talking about having enough to do so everyone is busy for the whole party and has the best time.

You can do structured time for activities, Lindsay usually like more of a free play type situation.

Start with what your kid likes most and what goes with the theme.


Ball pit
(OC vendor: ops@meshkids.co)

Bounce house
(OC vendor: hello@bouncecouture.com)

Craft stations

Treat stations - decorate your own cookies, pop tarts, cupcakes
(OC vendor: bangpopshop@gmail.com)

Candy bar

Candy Cart
(OC vendor: lisa@thecandycoach.com)

Timree: OC artist! For paint lessons
(OC vendor: info@timree.com)

Slumber Tents:
(OC vendor: www.sparklesanddreams.com)

Photo Booth & frame decorating station
(OC vendor: info@capturephotobooths.com)

(OC vendor: cartoonslinger@gmail.com)

Make your own pizzas
(OC vendor: admin@sgtpepps.com)

Create your own flower arrangements
(OC vendor: mcarter64768@gmail.com)

Slime making station with little pieces to add in to match the theme

Design your own bag to carry all your goodies in (get bags from Forever 21 or H & M)

Sand box

Sled rides

Horse and carriage rides

Petting Zoo

Color / paint a large structure

Huge canvases for painting

Surprise punch boards (I make my own out of shoe racks)

Raffle with grab bags (must have fun prizes like gift cards and a gag gift!)

Hot cocoa bar

Chocolate fountain with make your own chocolate bars

Foam machine


Entertainment - hula dancers, mermaids, fairies, Blippi

Tractor rides!

There are endless ways you can make a party MAGICAL with activities!  We hope this podcast gave you LOTS of ideas!!