179. How To Be Awesome At Pushing Yourself Physically

Lindsay is obsessed with finding the extra gear in life.  That shift that you make that takes things in your life to the next level.  

She believes that most of us are capable of a lot more than we think we are.  Like we literally have an extra gear.

Most of us still have more in us.  But we often put up these invisible hurdles and tell ourselves that this is the most we can do with this or we can’t even attempt this because of this.

Lindsay’s favorite way to push herself in all aspects of life… is to push herself physically.

Because it pours over to alllll other areas of your life.  Because you’ve proven to yourself that you CAN do more than you thought you could.

A physical change is the best way to push yourself in all ways of your life.

Whether you feel like you’re in a rut, or just low on energy or patience with things you have to deal with… Lindsay thinks pushing yourself physically could be the answer, or part of it.

Today, we are talking about ways you can push yourself physically to not only improve your health, but improve your overall fulfillment in life.  

We get all these arrows shot us at all day.  You’re always dodging arrows.  

This is why we need a few hours to ourselves to have the patience to deal with all those arrows.

We have to push ourselves physically so we can be tough mentally.

It’s that mental toughness… helps you push through.

How do you identify if you are in a rut?
When you want to get better and you are not. It’s easy to fall into comfortable habit.  It’s super difficult.

Examples of pushing yourself physically ….

-Running up hills

-Running stairs

-Taking the stairs at the doctors office

-Cold showers


-New/hard workout class


CHEERS!!! To pushing yourself PHYSICALLY!