Episode 173. How To Be Awesome at Freezing Your Eggs with Amanda Cameron

Today on the podcast, Lindsay's incredible friend Amanda joins her to talk about her experience and journey to freeze her eggs.
This is a great episode about this topic that we think should be talked about more than it is.

Thankfully due to modern medicine there are so many ways for women to improve their odds for having children, now or in the future.  I’m so proud of Amanda for doing this and for sharing it all with us!  

Amanda has been one of Lindsay's closest friends for the last 25 years!  They went to high school together and moved to college together and were roommates in the dorms… Amanda and Lindsay have been through so much together.. this is going to be a very cool next chapter.

Lindsay is so proud of Amanda for going through this process and for sharing the journey with us.  

On today’s show, Lindsay asks Amanda these questions:

-What is egg freezing and how is it different than IVF?

-Why did you decide to go this route?

-What type of medication did you have to take?  

-What is the lead up process going to it and appointments?

-What is the cost?  Why is there a range?

-Where are they stored?

-Do you have to do IVF first to maximize #s?

-What is the process like?  It is painful?  What is egg retrieval day like?

-What type of help did you need after and picking up meds?

-What was the recovery like?

-What is the most surprising thing you learned in this process?

-Was it emotional for you?

-How does the vaccine play into it?

Such a refreshing conversation about this topic and one that is empowering and interesting.