Episode 170. How To Be Awesome At Crushing Your Career Goals with Savannah Foster


On today’s podcast Lindsay is talking to her very good friend Savannah Foster about her high powered career- in a male dominated industry- and how she continues to reach new heights in her professional life while raising a family and maintaining a great relationship with her husband.  She’s so interesting to talk to- Savannah is an NFL sports agent and the VP of Client Relations for Athlete’s First, one of the biggest sports agency.  She basically manages the lives of over 50 NFL football players.  To say her job is 24/7 seems like an understatement so if she can figure out a balance- there’s hope for the rest of us!  Savannah is so positive and hard working and has the best outlook on setting goals and dreaming big.  Join Lindsay for this very interesting chat about business and babies and making it alllll work.  
Here are the questions Lindsay asks Savannah!
What is your job really like? 
How did you get into the industry?
What is the hardest part of your job?
How do you avoid burnout and set boundaries? 
Shallow question but is her work anything like the show Ballers with Dwayne Johnson? 
How did you get started?  What did you major in, in college and do you need a law degree? 
Working in a male dominated industry 
How do you keep from abandoning female qualities to fit in? 
How do you manage working in a male dominated industry?
Business & Babies 
How to juggle career and children
Managing schedule and babies 
Managing a big job and babies 
What tips do you have?  Hacks you’ve learned? 
If you feel like anyone gets the backseat sometimes - who is it?  You, hubby or kids?  Because of your busy work days/life! 
Husband and home life 
How does he feel about you working so much?
IG personal question- Can’t hire outside help- how does your husband lighten the chore load/obligation?
What role does he play in your success as a mom and business woman? 
How do you navigate cooking for your family?
What do you do for your own ME time or self care? 
Last ones! 
How would you advise a GLBT client to come out? How should they do it? 
How could someone be your intern or assistant? 
Who is your favorite athlete you have or are currently working with?
Balance question!! What do you not do to make space for things you actually do? 
Do you set actual goals for your career, or is it more like you just keep climbing in your industry?