Episode 17: How To Be Awesome At Not Squashing Your Kids Creativity


In this episode, Lindsay talks about how to be awesome at not squashing your kids creativity. And she’s not just talking about little kids… we’re going deep and talking about kids all the way up to college.  

We’re talking about keeping our kids creative… and realizing they are born creative. They don’t grow into creativity … they grow out of it!  We program them and educate them out of it.

In this episode, Lindsay talks about why we should let our kids splash in mud puddles, or have their own little experiments at home… because it gives them a chance to learn something and it keeps them curious and adventurous.  As parents there are so many things we have to say no to.. things  that are dangerous or disrespectful or will destroy something.  So when it’s not going to do any of those things (but might be annoying to clean up) trying saying yes, instead of no.  Even if you’re tired and it’s the last thing you feel like signing up for, just try it.  If we are always saying no to everything, how can they continue to be creative and curious?  They slowly become programmed, and that’s not the goal! 

The goal is for them to grow up feeling like they had a voice and their opinion mattered and you let them get dirty and make messes (within reason) and you weren’t more worried about the cleanliness of the house then them having fun and the freedom to explore.  

Another way Lindsay changed what she was doing to embrace creativity is how she responded when they asked her a question.  Rather than giving them the answer, she asked them a question back.  So they have to think and it starts a conversation, rather than me shooting back the answer to their question.  When they ask her a question about wanting to do something or go somewhere, she takes a second before she answers… so she has a better reaction.  If they asked you, it has to be important to them at some level, so you want to give it a thought and not just say the first thing to come to mind.  Maybe try to say yes more, or at least meet them in the middle.

Then, in the second half of the podcast, Lindsay gets into schooling and not holding our kids to traditional standards.  Let’s really get to know our kids as they grow up… and allow them to be creative rather than programing them.  Let’s teach our kids to get out of their comfort zone… and that they don’t have to do the same thing everyone else is doing.  They can try new things.. and not be afraid to fail or make mistakes.

We need to see our kids creative capacities and encourage them to in whatever it is that makes them the happiest.

Lindsay says the happiest people she knows are the people that get to do what they want to do most of the time.  And really what more could we want for kids?

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