Episode 169. How To Be Awesome At Being A Room Parent

Let’s talk about being an awesome room parent!  Supporting teachers and your school… and getting extra time with your child in the classroom or on field trips… being a room parent can be so much fun and a great way to be involved on campus. 
If you’re a room parent this year or are considering taking on the role in future years… this podcast is for you!!
Lindsay is sharing so many awesome tips for how to make this job not too complicated or stressing… how to do sign-ups and plan parties… how to work with the other room parents and my favorite really creative and next level ideas for times when you want to really make it extra special. 
Here are some of the tips Lindsay talks about:
-Ask the teacher all the questions!  What do they like and not like- how can you be most helpful? 
-Ask your parents for feedback as you go so you know your audience!  Sometimes you will have parents who want to be super involved, other times not… sometimes they would rather contribute items to a party and other times they want it easy and would rather Venmo you.  Find out what works best for your group each year. 
-Have teachers fill out really AWESOME teachers favorites forms!  Make your own- there are NO good ones online!  Make sure it covers things you could give them as a little surprise or for birthdays or holidays. 
-Make sure you know about any kids allergies or photo restrictions. 
-If you want to be NEXT level - set-up a What’s App communication - like a group text- for your class.  Send reminders like “Morning! Reminder it’s pajama day today!”  Parents find this SO helpful! 
-Email tips - don’t include too much information to where it’s overwhelming - but also, wait to gather enough information so you aren’t sending emails too often.  Ask if anyone wants to be removed at the start!  Many families just want one parent on the emails (my husband opts out of mine 😜)
-Use Sign Up Genius for volunteering and to have people sign up to bring items in!
-Figure out creative ways to appreciate teachers that are easy (and not annoying) to parents 
-Plan parties ahead of time - use Pinterest!  Ask what has worked the best in the past - and run ideas by teachers before sending to the class.
-Hardest part in my opinion- being on a committee.  Make it easier by making it simple.  Dividing tasks to avoid too much correspondence or differing opinions.  If everyone has their own jobs and does it their own way- it makes it easy!
-Don’t take on all the cost yourself!  
-Get creative with teacher gifts and think about they would ACTUALLY want!  They aren’t JUST teachers - they don’t want only things that say teacher etc- as tempting as it may be!  Really use their favorites list! 
-Gift baskets!  Have people in the class contribute to birthday, holiday or end of school year baskets!  Gift cards or items can really add up when everyone contributes.  Know the schools rules with collecting money and items before you hit go! 
-Plan ahead and get creative - don’t make it too complicated to where it takes over your life but also take the time to do it more special than what’s expected. 
-The perks!!  You get extra class time and often times priority to things like joining on field trips etc! 
-Supporting teachers and school staff is the BEST! 
-NEXT level idea- photo book with pictures from the year - make on Shutterfly and send links to all the parents to order their own!  
-Also can have a Shutterfly photo page where teachers and parents can upload photos. 
-It’s personally rewarding, it’s fun to do for your child and their peers and good to help your school community.  
-Remember- don’t make things too complicated… don’t take things personally and have FUN with it!! 
CHEERS to your most awesome room parent self!!