Episode 161. How To Be Awesome At Realizing The Importance Of Self Love

Realizing the importance of self love is so important.

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing the most impactful concepts around self-love from her two favorite experts on the topic- Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey.

We sometimes group self love with self confidence and while both important, they are also very different. And just because you have self confidence doesn’t always mean you have that real, deep self love.

The self love that we are talking about is waking up each day feeling worthy and knowing you are enough.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently made a mistake, or you don’t look exactly how you wish you looked… you are enough, exactly as you are in this moment.

Today’s podcast is all about the most important relationship you will ever have in your life… the one with yourself.  

We’re talking about self-love and self-confidence and how it evolves as we get older.  Why taking risks and being vulnerable is so important and why how we speak to ourselves is everything.  

Here’s how Lindsay looks at it…
Let’s use our self-confidence as our power and our fearlessness and our inspiration to others…
And let’s use our self-love as our protection, your best friend, your GPS…
Combining these together and you really have the

BRENE BROWN thoughts:
Brene Brown talks about “enoughness.”  I am enough- what I am doing is enough.

Courage means share your whole story with your whole heart.

Brene asks…
What is our struggle with believing we are enough?
The feeling that we have to be perfect…
No matter how much is done… I am enough … and I’m worthy of love and joy.
Engage with the world in a place of worthiness.
You just have to be willing to be vulnerable.

The number one casualty is of a scarcity culture? Vulnerability
We shut down - we are scared.
I’m not going to show you that I don’t have it all together.
This is the birthplace of everything we are hungry for.
There is no innovation or creativity without failure.

Let go of your armor
How is not talking about this serving you?
It’s no longer protecting you - it’s not allowing you to be seen and heard from others.
This is your mid-life slow brutal unraveling - this is where we thought everything that we thought protects us, prevents us from being the person that we want to be.

How do you talk to yourself? When you’re down on yourself…
How would you talk to your kids? Would you tell them you hate their body or they are so stupid?

Shame cannot survive being spoken

Being authentic is so important - saying what you really think.  Not worrying what people think and


There are no mistakes - there are no wrong paths.  Failure is just that “thing” trying to move you in another direction.  The losses are to help you learn and push you in the right direction. You dont allow yourself to be thrown by a circumstance because your life is bigger than one experience.

What would you tell your younger self?
Relax, it will be ok.
Even if you are at a detour right now.  That’s the cue that you need to go in another direction.

Take responsibility for your life - you have to be responsible for making it happen.
You are responsible for your life.  If you are sittng around waiting for someone to help you, fix your or save you.. you are wasting your time. Only you are able to move your life forward.

It does not matter where you come from.  It doesn’t matter what your parents did or didn’t do- what matters is your willingness to see this moment for what it is - accept it, take responsibility and move forward.

The way through the challenge - get still and ask yourself - what is the next right move?  And the next right move?  And not to be overwhelmed by it because you know life is bigger than this moment.

OVERALL thoughts:

You aren’t going to be kind to strangers on the team if you don’t really love ourself

You aren’t going to have positive energy if you don’t really love our insides

Self love- take time for yourself - your mind and your body

Do hard things daily - that’s how you build self respect
When you get up at 5am and increase your productivity - you grow your self respect
If each day, you do difficult things- and keep optimizing your ways- you build greater self respect

You consistency make and then keep self promises - that’s how you build self love.

Be alone sometimes - stop the constant stimulation - to recalibrate and center - we spend so much time in the frenzy- we can forget what we really love. We need to retreat sometimes.  There is so much busy being busy - we must make the time to “go to the woods” and practice stillness.  You remember who you truly are.  You remember your priorities.  

You will never rise any higher than the amount that you see yourself on the inside.
If you don't really feel like you deserve it- you don’t feel like you’re enough… you will reach a point where your mindset reaches a conflict…

Self sabotage comes from self love

You have to ignore this culture of comparison!!

Self love is such a big and important topic.  And one that I think is worth focusing on.  CHEERS TO THAT!