Episode 159. How To Be Awesome At Planning Your Own Celebration

When it comes time to celebrate YOU, whether it’s your birthday or Mother’s Day or any other special time … nobody knows what you want more than YOU!
A lot of times it’s easy to get caught up in the thought that other people need to do it for us.  And we're not saying that’s not great and you don’t deserve that, Lindsay's just putting it out there that you can actually plan your own celebration and still feel super loved and special.  It’s empowering and it sets you up to feel fulfilled and not feel let down. 
Often times we know what we want but we want other people to do it for us… or we don’t want to have to have one more thing to do so we want other people to do it for us… but I’m telling you… planning your own celebration is awesome and we’re going to figure out how you want to do it so it doesn’t take any of the magic out of it.  
It’s just going to make it easy on you and easy on the people you love and you’ll have that moment you want. 
A few ideas Lindsay talks about:
-Do it all yourself 
-Do some of it yourself and tell other people some parts to help with (if they are asking) 
-Don’t put more than what’s reasonable on other people (time or money) 
-If someone wants to do it all, tell them- this is what I for sure want and this is what I for sure don’t want. 
-Often times we think people should know us enough to know what we want.  But it just doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes we need to spell it out. 
-Plan it yourself!  Brain dump- what do you love?  What do you feel like?  What would you wake up so excited to do?  PLAN YOUR DAY!  GET CREATIVE!
-What would your crew actually enjoy but usually say no to?  (Think photo shoots and parasailing) 
-Who to invite can be tricky- think of others and be upfront if you are limiting your group - do what makes you happy.  In the end, people will understand and get it.  You can’t always invite everyone. 
-Walk yourself through the day or dinner or experience… think of details ahead of time for anything you want to prep for our your outfits etc.
-Overall most important is to be straightforward.   "This is exactly what I want and I’m going to do it all"… or "this would mean a lot to me I would love if you would set this up like this.. “
-Don’t hold it over people’s heads- just make it what you want! 
-Set yourself up for happiness, not disappointment. 
Life is meant to be CELEBRATED!!  Let’s make our celebrations special and exactly how we want them to be!