Episode 155. How To Be Awesome At Maximizing Your Party Budget

How To Be Awesome At Maximizing Your Party Budget!

Celebrations, especially kids celebrations, are so much fun… and they can also be so expensive.

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing all the things she's learned about how to choose where to spend the money for the greatest impact.  

She's sharing the process she goes through in planning and how she decides what to do herself, what to hire someone else do, what to buy and what to rent.

It’s amazing how much you can stretch your dollars if you plan ahead of time and do it strategically.

We’re talking about how to get creative with a part of your party when it’s just getting too expensive.  
Today we are talking about party budgets and throwing really special events that don’t cost nearly as much as they look like they do!  

First, we brain dump and get allll our inspiration and ideas together and approximately how much each will cost.  Then we eliminate what we don’t need or could do ourselves and focus what’s most important to you and what will be the most special to your little birthday boy or girl.

Lindsay says…
Full disclosure!  I spend my money on kids parties and organic food!
For me, at this stage in my life, I prefer to send money on moments and experiences with our family and friends… then on more stuff.  I don’t need more stuff, my kids don’t need more stuff… so I go really light on gifts and spend more on parties and activities at the parties that the kids can help me play and set-up and look forward to doing with their friends, and laugh about it later.  

Like on this last party I did- there was not a single food vendor - I made a big table of food- like a massive cheese board and ordered local pizza, made hot dogs and popcorn myself so there wasn’t much spent on food, but everyone had plenty of yummy food to eat- but you wouldn’t notice that there wasn’t an elaborate food plan.  

Here are some tips Lindsay talks about:

-Braindump!  Write it alllll down.. start HUGE like your Kim K.  Then eliminate and you’re left with is most important to you.  

-Make your guest list - number of people directly affects the budget you need

-Pull out the things that you have that you could use, before you buy more.

-Set a range of a budget

-Space out your spending - buy parts of it 2 months ahead of time so it’s not all at once

-Make what you can from your list

-Buy the things you will use over and over again

-Rent the things you won’t

-Have a signature drink- makes it easy

-Decide what’s worth it to you
Like an invitation with a costume

-If things get too pricey- ditch it and come up with a new plan
Like wrapping the walls of your house with wrapping paper

Here are a few Orange County vendors that Lindsay mentions:


Enchanted Characters

Create A Party table rentals in Brea

Ball Pit

Photo Booth

Photographer - Greg Loza