Episode 151. How To Be Awesome At Planning Activities On Vacation




Let’s talk about something fun… vacation!!  And vacation planning!  
Planning a vacation can be like a full-time job in a way, a fun job, but still a job.  The goal of this podcast episode is to make it easy and FUN to plan activities while on vacation.  

Lindsay is LOTS of tips for how to get the inside scoop on what to expect and how to best prepare for each activity and how to fill your days based on your goal of the vacation.

Here are some of the tips Lindsay talks about!

-What’s the main vacation goal?  Relax, adventure, a bit of both?

-Have an idea of your budget

-Make a big brainstorm list of all the options
Activities at hotel (like kids club, pool cabanas, beach cabanas, etc) and outside of hotel (zip lining, whale watching, hiking tour, etc)

-Ask everyone going what sounds fun

-Show them YouTube videos of where you’re going to get them excited and to help decide what looks like the most fun for them

-Look at reviews

-Call concierge for help

-Ask about private options vs. budget options

-Get a calendar out and plan out the days

-Know the cancellations

-Book dinners ahead of time

-Make sure to look up logistics like travel time between each place

-Call each place directly and ask what the experience will be like and what could be helpful to have with you.

-Ship a box ahead of time if it will help!

-Check or ask for last minute deals

-Search locations on social media to see what the experience looks like from peoples posts and if anyone posts tips!  Same with YouTube… see what info is out there!

-Plan, plan, plan… then be so flexible for changes!