Episode 150. How To Be Awesome At Leaving It All Out On The Field

This episode is all about approaching your goals with a “leave it all out on the field" mentality.
Whatever it is you want to do in life, right now, in short term or in the long term… this is how Lindsay is trying to train herself to approach it. 
Get out there, try your hardest and leave it all out on the field.  
Keep going one foot in front of the other until we cant go anymore.
And either we are victorious OR we have exhausted all options and it just didn’t work.  Either one of those are acceptable.  
It simplifies things and it takes the pressure off!  You just have to try your hardest- leave it all out there!  And it’s either going to work or you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, listen it didn’t work this time, and that’s ok! 
Here are a few topics that Lindsay talks about: 
-Defining “leave it all on the field.” 
Hold nothing back, put it all on the line. Don’t end the game feeling like you could have given more. Don’t leave feeling like you played it safe when you had the opportunity for something greater.
-Everyday we have a choice… 
You can spend each day feeling exhausted - in the best way- knowing that you gave everything. Or you can hesitate, hold back, second guess and get in your own way of what you have to give.

Path 1- The first path is where you go for it!!  You let your heart guide you.  You’re creative and curious and free.  You enjoy the process not just the destination.  

Path 2- The second path is filled with second-guessing, what-ifs, comparing yourself, setting up boundaries that don’t exist and seeking approval from others. You have anxiety and nervousness and indecisiveness. 

The Difference: 

One way leads you to feeling thoroughly used up, knowing that you gave everything and held nothing back. Like at the end of a good run, you’re tired, yet energized.

The other way leaves you with a feeling of stress, sort of held back and frustrated and unsatisfied.  

-It’s all about the burning desire to want to give all that you have to everything you do.  Every interaction, every acton.  
 Even the smallest things can be done with great love.
-We won’t be perfect. 

There will be days where we stumble and lose our way. 

Sometimes you will make little things a bit deal or forget what’s really important to you. You will get distracted and go off in the wrong direction.  But then you will remember to retrace your steps and take notice.

And you’ll wake up again the next day and give everything you’ve got to whatever you’re doing.  Hold nothing back.  End each day knowing you left it all out on the field.  

That’s the way I want to end each day.  Because it feels awesome.