Episode 145- How To Be Awesome At Not Leaving Crumbs

How to be awesome at not leaving crumbs.  Today’s podcast is all about making good decisions everyday.  Lindsay heard this in a graduation ceremony speech that Matthew McConaughey gave and it instantly stuck with her.

 A crumb is anything that is residual from a decision that you’ve made… that keeps you up at night or stresses you out.  It could be things like telling someone a little white lie and having to remember to keep it going… or getting into serious debt to live a certain lifestyle then or gossiping about someone and then worrying that they will find out.  Things that keep you looking over your shoulder or add a level of stress to your life.

 Here’s the hack! When making decisions, choose what will not leave crumbs in your life.

Today we are talking about this very practical way to keep yourself making the best decisions you can each day.  

Here are some things Lindsay talks about:

-Crumbs are the choices that we make that make us have to look over our shoulder in the future.”

-The guy you didn't pay back and now he’s sitting 3 rows behind you in the movie theater.

-You drank too much last night and you’re too hungover to drive

-They come in the form of regret and stress later on!!

-They cause you to lose sleep!

-Leave you with uneasy feelings.

-Create more outcomes that pay us back- keep your fire lit- turn your fire on.

Here are a few examples that Lindsay talks about:

-Procrastinate on something

-Treat someone badly

-Gossip about someone - then they don’t respond to your text and you think they are mad at you… it’s a residual from a choice you made.

-Being unfaithful in your relationship on vacation - maybe you think it will never come back- but it will always be in the back of your mind if it does.

-Study for your test so you aren’t cramming the night before

-Pay your debts on time

-Don’t tell the little white lies

-Pay your taxes the right way

-Don’t drink too much

-Don’t cheat on your exams

-Stealing at your job or from someone

-Taking on big debt for things you don’t need

-Paying to get your kids into college!!

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