Episode 149- How To Be Awesome At Making Yourself Happy

Lindsay does lots of podcasts on constantly working to maintain a positive headspace and be mindful of the words that you say, and getting in your 10s each day...(those things that make you OH SO happy) because she really believes that the thoughts you think and the words you say create the environment that you live in.  And the environment in your head of what you’re becoming.

So today, we’re talking about living in your own bubble - in the best way - where you make sure to take the time to do those things that make you happy and make sure you are getting what you need so you aren’t resentful when different situations come up in your life.  She's talking about setting yourself up to be happy and have good days- rather than relying a ton on other people to get you there.

And a part of this is being able to resist the urge to slip to the other side when negativity comes your way.

We’re having a very positive and empowering talk about so many things she's learned about making yourself happy.  

Here are some things that Lindsay talks about in this episode:

-GET in your 10s each day!

-Set-up your own special days

-TELL your loved ones what you want/need

-Manage your expectations of others

-Make sure you are happy in what you are doing daily- so when life complications come up- you aren’t resentful!

-RESIST listening to negativity, repeating it or letting it sink in!  Don’t give it energy!!  Energy flows where attention goes!!

-Create your own struggles so the struggles that life throws your way doesn't knock you down

-This doesn’t mean you can’t rely on others- but it’s so empowering to really control your own happiness!