Episode 144- How To Be Awesome At Building A Good Habit Or Breaking A Bad One With One Easy Hack


This podcast is about habits. Lindsay is obsessed with reading about what makes us do things over and over.

We’re talking about things that you might consider good habits and bad habits.  Things that propel you towards happiness and productivity and other things that you are trying.  

Lindsay says she's so into this because what she's really seen in her life is that success is the product of your daily habits- more than your big goals or your motivation or some life transformation moment.  

Bottom line, if you want to get better results… setting up a new system will give you a better outcome, than goal setting.

So today, we are going to talk about how to do more of this with one easy hack.  We’re making it easy to do more of what you want to and make it harder to do things you don’t want to do!

The topic of habits is a big one - it’s really what we do all day.

So we have many podcasts coming on this topic.  Lindsay talks about how it's fascinating and honestly it’s life changing.

 You know she loves a hack!!  Break it down for me, make it practical and easy to add into my daily life. 

Here are of how you can use this in your life:

-Put out tee-ball supplies if you want to practice with your little one more 

-Lay out your vitamins 

-Have your water pre-made and out 

-Put out your juicer or your healthy breakfast making ingredients

-Charge your phone in the bathroom, not next to your bed if you want to scroll less at night

Lindsay talks about how motivation is overrated!!  Our environment often affects us more. 

 Make cues of good habits obvious in your environment!

Here’s why….

-When you’re busy it reminds you 

-It’s harder to forget or avoid when it’s in front of you 

-It’s hard to remember all the things!! 

 Here’s how…

-Make it simple!

-Make it obvious!

 Lindsay talks about the Law Of Least Effort.  It says that we will gravitate towards the option that requires the least amount of work.  Even if we are a hard worker!

 So… make it easy!! Prime your environment to make future actions easier!

CHEERS!  To building new good habits and breaking bad habits by changing up your environment so it supports what you want more or less of in your life!