Episode 148- How To Be Awesome At Doing Disneyland Post-Covid

 After 412 days of being closed, Disneyland is open again… and it’s AWESOME!  Beyond awesome!  Lindsay went on opening day and it was the best time she's had at Disneyland.  Capacity is so low and the Disney staff really nailed the reopening.  She's sharing everything she learned from their trip plus info and tips from talking to people that work at Disney.

What to bring, what to plan for ahead of time, how to use the Disneyland app to really make your day go smoothly, what it’s like with masks and why she thinks this is a once-in-a-lifetime Disney experience and you should go as soon as you can.  We are talking about How To Be Awesome At Doing Disneyland Post-Covid today!!

Here are some of the topics Lindsay covers:

-Booking reservations online- pick your day and put in your names!

-What it’s like wearing masks - know you have to play by their rules.

-Pack LOTS of waters! (And snacks)

-Ordering food on the mobile app

-Parking and walking (trams closed)

-Bring a stroller!!

-Plan to stay alllllll day

-Ride lines and wait times

-Use the app to see ride wait times

-Measure your kids ahead of time so you know what rides they can go on

-Know your MUST ride rides ahead of time

-Bring SPF and hats!!

-Look at the food options ahead of time

-Aside from the short wait times, why it’s extra magical right now!!

Here’s the link to book: