Episode 146: How To Be Awesome At Airplane Travel With Kids

 There is no need to dread flying with your kids!  

We are going to get you super prepared for the expected and the unexpected… what to pack and how not to overpack… how to keep them busy and how to prep food so you aren’t relying on any airport or airplane food.

SO. MANY. TIPS. coming your way in this one from my many years of flying with kids and making all the mistakes then figuring it out!

We’re talking about how to prep and plan and how to go into it, the day of.

Flying with kids can be fun and something you actually look forward to, not dread.

Today is all about how to fly with kids… and be awesome at it!

Here are some of the main points Lindsay covers:


  • Talk to your kids about it
  • Plan a good time to fly - avoid multiple flights if you can
  • Pack really organized so you know where things are - don’t overstuff it!
  • Pack just what you need for the flight in your carry on bags
  • Bring activities *NEW* toys & books & coloring etc
  • Bring snacks
  • Bring iPad with headphones
  • Bring treats & gum
  • Bring something to keep them cozy- blanket etc- if you think they could sleep!
  • Picture yourself boarding and flying and think of what you could want
  • Pack full meals for everyone (don’t rely on food at the airport or on the airplane)
  • Make sure our passport isn’t expired!
  • Car seats and strollers and slings
  • Pack a change of clothes just in case- or for when you arrive if room isn’t ready.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.
  • Mentally prep yourself - be well rested and expect problems.

Day of!

  • Check-in online!
  • Allow plenty of time - last thing you need is a rushed and stressed departure.
  • Put watches on older kids with tracking
  • Ask about upgrades!
  • Take advantage of early boarding
  • Have kids carry their own bags if they can
  • Understand that they are kids and it will be fine!
  • Give kids a camera!
  • Travel journal for older kids (to give a screen break)
  • Trade off if you have a partner (or plan to take it all on yourself)
  • This is a good time for bribery and treats!!

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