Episode 139: How To Be Awesome At Giving Special Spring Gratitude Gifts

How To Be Awesome At Giving Special Spring Gratitude Gifts

Is there someone in your life that you are extra grateful for at this moment?  It could be a friend or your spouse or a teacher or a doctor or maybe someone was just extra kind lately or maybe you have someone in your life that really means a lot to you that you feel like doing something special for…

Well, this podcast is all about giving a spontaneous gratitude gift for someone or a few people that you are extra grateful for.
We usually think about gifts and making people feel appreciated in December during the holiday season. 

Lindsay talks about how she absolutely LOVES a sort of out-of-the-blue, spring style, gratitude gift.  It’s a fun time to do it with the transition of seasons and there are just so many ideas of things you can give.

We’re talking about things you can make or buy, some simple and inexpensive and others are more elaborate.  There is something for every person and every budget and for however much time you want to put into it.

Today, we are talking about hitting pause on life to put together a little something special for someone you are grateful for.

Here are the items Lindsay mentions in this podcast!

Crafty Gratitude Gift:

For Making Produce Bags:

Hang Tags:

ALLLL the fresh fruits & veggies!!

PLUS these healthy packaged snacks:

Perfect Food Bars:
(Put 2 or so in each bag)

Organic Mulberries:

Cauliflower Puffs:
(Mini bags)

Siete Tortilla Chips:
(Mini bags)

Healthiest Yummy Chocolate:

Delish Pecan Butter:
(Something fun & different to try!)

Ready To Go Gratitude Gifts!

Bunny pancake maker!

Skincare travel set:
(To try this awesome brand or use for travel! The best SPF & serum!)

Bunny spoon rest:

Spring candle set:

Favorite ever ever cozy blush blanket:


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