Episode 138: How To Be Awesome At Making St. Patrick's Extra Special

ow To Be Awesome At Making St. Patrick's Extra Special

This is a fun Friday podcast all about St. Patrick’s Day and a TON of ideas of how you can make it fun at home for your kids!

Lindsay is talking about activities like making a scavenger hunt with clues and little prizes.  And making a leprechaun trap with your kids the night before and her favorite… the green foot prints on the toilet with the green water.

Lindsay is also sharing lots of fun food ideas like making all green food that day and Lucky Charms EVERYTHING, green eggs and ham & jello… or jello shots if you prefer!  

Whether you want to do one special thing or a bunch of festive things… or you want to make a big thing of it or keep it simple, this podcast has ideas for all of it.

This year, more than ever, little special celebrations are the best.

Lindsay also loves it because it’s awesome to take ordinary things and making them special and memorable.  And that’s exactly what we are doing here!

Activity ideas:
💚 Scavenger Hunt
Go on Pinterest and print out or make your own!

💚 Set a trap the night before
A little box, or make with legos, so many ways!

💚 Leprechaun toilet!!
Green foot prints & green water!

Food ideas:

💚 All the food is green!

💚 Baked Potato Bar

💚 Lucky Charms EVERYTHING!

💚 Green eggs & ham

💚 Green jello shots (adults and kids)

💚 Gold coins!

Here are links to items Lindsay mentions:

Black Pots for Scavenger Hunt:
Get 1 for each child!
Comes with 12 small (each will be a clue) and 1 large for the end!

Food coloring:
(To make the toilet water green & any fun foods that day)

Chocolate Coins:

Bingo Game:

Bulk assorted St. Patty’s Day Candy:

(For breakfast, treats or decoration)

Lucky Charms treats!

💚 Fun Prizes:

Rubber Duckies

Green Slime
(Because the slime phase will neverrrrr end)

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