Episode 136: How To Be Awesome At Eating Your Greens

How To Be Awesome At Eating Your Greens

In this episode, Lindsay is sharing some really easy ways to sneak in your greens.

Often we either don’t have time, or we don’t feel like eating a big pile of spinach.  But we know the incredible health benefits from eating plants - especially veggies.  

So today, she's sharing her favorite hacks for getting in your greens EVERY. DAY.

We’re making it easy and we’re getting in the routine of it so it’s more automatic and less painful.

Lindsay is breaking down what nutritionalists say are the best veggies for you, which ones you should eat as many as you can get your hands on and which ones you should eat in moderation.

We are talking about glycemic index numbers and which veggies have the least impact on your blood sugar.

It’s a podcast all about creative ways to get in your greens, and what you need to know about them.

Here are some of the tips Lindsay shares:

🥦Drink a cold pressed or fresh juiced juice each day.

🥬Morning greens powder!

🥑Afternoon red powder!

🍓Always have veggies steaming!  Easiest way to eat veggies as a snack or as a side.

🥬Air fry them, bake them, sautée them.

🥦Prep them, always have some ready or going!

🥑Here are links to products that Lindsay mentions:

Green powder:

Reds powder:

Combo back green & reds powder:

Fresh juice delivery in OC:




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