Episode 135: How To Be Awesome At Believing You Can Do Anything

How To Be Awesome At Believing You Can Do Anything

This podcast is all about believing you can do anything. 
Lindsay tells one very powerful story about what you are capable of, if you just believe you are.  
It’s inspiring and motivating and it makes us look at the limits we may be putting on ourselves, that aren’t really there.
Lindsay talks about how she truly believes you can do anything you want to do, if you just believe you can do it, and align your language and behaviors to support it.
This story comes from an interview where Tom Bilyeu is talking to Trevor Moawad.  
Trevor has worked with some of the world’s top athletes and he wrote a book called “It takes what it takes,” where he talks about so many lessons he’s learned coaching athletes and what it takes to come back from setbacks and win.  He is a very savvy coach and has such an interesting approach… 
So much of it starts with letting go. Past failures, past losses-let them go. The past isn't predictive of the future. 
Here’s the story:
This guy was failing out of high school and really struggling and promised his mom he would take the SAT.  He doesn’t expect anything - he’s fully failing out of school.  He’s being raised by a single mom in the midwest and has zero expectations, he just promised her. 
Get’s his score back and he gets a 1480 out of 1600. 
His mother thought he cheated and she was like I tried to cheat but I couldn’t.
They are both stunned.  He realizes he’s smart and going into his senior year. 
He starts to go to class and he doesn’t hang out with the people 
His teachers treat him differently - like maybe we didn’t give this kid a chance.
Twelve years after his success and gets a letter in the mail - turns out the SAT board will perioidly review their test taking procedures and the policies. 
He was one of 13 people who got sent the wrong SAT score. 
His actual score was a 740 out of 1600.  
He says… people think my whole life changed when I got the 1480, but really my whole life changed when I started acting like a 1480 and not a 740.  
What does a 1480 do?  He goes to class. 
Your language is powerful and your behaviors are SO powerful. 
What you do, not how you feel about your past is going to determine who you are in the future. 
*Trevor has this great quote in his book that says… 
“Average is a choice.  Greatness is a choice.  There is no magic.  Only decisions.”
*Isn’t that so empowering?  Like it’s a TON of pressure but it’s also freeing!!  
*It’s all about our decisions and our behaviors and our daily habits.
*Podcast coming soon by the way about habits!
*It’s about our habits, our behaviors, what we do everyday.  It’s the discipline and the mentality.
*We are motivated by fear by incentive or this drive to be great.
*How you think affects how you feel and how you feel affects how you behave.  
*Sustain the great habits and get rid of the bad habits. 
*Wake up and do the right things.  You can only think about one thing at a time.  We have to squash the distractions.  
*It’s not magic. Tell yourself - "I’m going to get up early or stay late if it needs it.  I’m going to stay positive, and keep making the right decisions forward.”
CHEERS!  To believing you can do anything you want to do! 

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