Episode 132: How to Be Awesome At Getting Dressed Efficiently

How to Be Awesome At Getting Dressed Efficiently

This episode is all about getting dressed efficiently and feel great about what you’re wearing!

Lindsay talks about how she spent so many years destroying her closet when she got ready, and having an outfit crisis right before an event, or wearing something uncomfortable all day, or taking way too long to get dressed.   She’s finally gotten a groove down to where she finally gets dressed efficiently and feels good in what she’s wearing.

It’s so freeing and saves so much time and stress.  You won’t be dashing to the mall right before an event or have a mini breakdown because you have nothing wear.

Lindsay is sharing her best tips for getting dressed efficiently and always loving what you’re wearing!!

We’re talking about things like… purging your closet so it’s filled with things you are excited to wear and organizing it for function not fashion.  We’re getting into how to only buy things you love and stop overbuying.  Buy less and spend more on things you love.  Layout your clothes the night before and give yourself two options to work with.

Today is a very practical and fun podcast all about getting dressed efficiently and in clothing that you feel great in.

Here are some of the tips that Lindsay covers: 

-Purge your closet.

-Organize your closet for function, not fashion.
(Like maybe you put complete sweat suits together rather than putting the pants part with your pants) And get slim hangers!!

-Don’t overbuy- just buy things you love.

-Buy less, spend more on quality and things you know you will like for a long time.

-Know what you like!  Rather than browsing all the time, if you know what looks good on you and the style you like, look for those, search for those, keep up with those brands.  Saves time and money and you actually wear what you buy. 

-If you don’t wear it right away, return it before it’s been too long. 

-Layout 2 options for the next day the night before. 

-Look at your calendar and make notes of any outfits you might want to buy for special events.   Then you have it top of mind ahead of time to look online or in person.  So you aren’t dashing out the night before! 

-Don’t worry so much about what you’re wearing!  You have more fun if you don’t obsess over it. 

Here are links to products Lindsay mentions:

Slim hangers for women’s shirts:

Slim hangers for women’s bottoms:

Slim hangers for men:

Slim hangers for kids:

Slim hangers for babies: 

CHEERS!! To getting dressed efficiently!

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