Episode 130: How To Be Awesome At Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Phone

How To Be Awesome At Having A Healthy Relationship With Your Phone

Today, we’re talking about being very intentional about the time we spend on our phone and the relationship we have with it.  
I’ve been researching what experts call “digital minimalism” and how we can apply it to our lives so we are less phone obsessed and using it primarily in ways that add to our lives and gives us returns on the small number of things that we really care about and get to where we're ok missing the out on the rest.  
We are using our phones for things that add valuable to our lives, and not mindlessly scrolling. 
In a time when there is no avoiding it, we have to be smart about it and use your tech to work for you, not against you.  
I’m sharing lots of tips that experts give on how to stop being distracted all day by the pinging of your phone and why we’ve almost completely eliminated down-time and why it’s so important to get back.
We’re working on breaking our addiction to our phones today friends! Let’s go! 

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