Episode 126: How To Be Awesome At Being Less Stressed

How To Be Awesome At Being Less Stressed

In this episode, Lindsay gives you TWENTY ideas of how to be less stressed and how to handle all the things that life throws your way.

Here they are!!

  • Learn what your body needs and make it a priority
  • Get creative and have hobbies
  • Be aware of your thoughts
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Get outside and walk more
  • Focus on facts, rather than emotions
  • Express, don’t suppress
  • Accept what you can’t control
  • Work on your insecurities
  • Don’t let your failures define you
  • Don’t base your words and actions based on assumptions
  • Be vulnerable
  • Make sure you have a tribe
  • Watch what you think and say about yourself
  • Start and end the day right
  • Don’t avoid hard tasks
  • Focus on the now
  • Protect your mental health when dealing with difficult people
  • Listen to your body and don’t overthink everything     

And sometimes you just need to call the day!  And stop making decisions and trying to solve every problem in that moment.

Cheers to less stress!!

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