Episode 125: How To Be Awesome At Accepting My Body Challenge

In this podcast, Lindsay talks about a body challenge she’s recently accepted. That challenge is to stop covering up her body. 
On the beach, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, by the pool or anywhere else.
Realizing that there is so much freedom in letting go of body conscious issues and enjoying more.  Not avoiding things that you’ll be uncomfortable doing because of what you’ll have to wear. Whatever body you wake up with that day, that’s the awesome body you aren’t going to hide anymore. 97% of women have negative thoughts about their body every day.  


Body confidence isn’t thinking you have the best body. It’s also not telling yourself the way you look doesn’t matter. Body confidence is giving yourself freedom from self conscious thoughts about your body.

  • Stop the negative think and negative talk
  • Limit interactions with people who make you feel insecure
  • Limit your social media time if you’re comparing
  • Be grateful for what your body does everyday
  • Realize today is the youngest you will ever be
  • My body issues 
  • Nobody really cares as much as you think they do - like high school pimples
  • When you’re 90, you’ll regret not going on the trip because you had to be in a bikini 
  CHEERS, to rocking your awesome body!! 

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