Episode 123: How To Be Awesome At Making Valentine's Day Special

How To Be Awesome At Making Valentine's Day Special

Valentine’s Day is upon and I think there is no better time to amplify the love in our lives in and in our homes than now.  
You know how in 2020 people started decorating for Christmas in October?  Lindsay thinks we do the same for Valentine’s!  
We need ALL the celebrations right now!  
There is no downside to bringing the feeling of more LOVE into your home for the weeks leading up to Valentines… not just the actual day.

Lindsay is sharing dozens of ideas of how you can make Valentine’s extra special this year.  Some are extravagant and some are simple… and she’s sharing some really cool meaningful gift ideas that are best to work on ahead of time.  

She’s taking the mundane and making it meaningful with a special tradition or activity.

Here are some ideas Lindsay talks about:

❤️ Look online and do a brain dump of all the ideas and all the people!

❤️ Make heart shaped food!  Pizza and pancakes!

❤️ Write love notes for your kids/friends/family/lover.

❤️ Decorate your house or areas of your house!

❤️ Watch romantic movies at night and on the weekends!

❤️ Make special treats - decorate cookies etc.

❤️ Wear pink and red and hearts!  It’s festive and fun and so cute!!

❤️ Light candles around the house!

❤️ Set the dinner table up special!

❤️ Teacher gifts!

❤️ Have your kids make cards for teachers and family members- get fun supplies.

❤️ Make a plan ahead of time for Valentine’s meals.

❤️ Scavenger hunt - can do creative and easy and inexpensive.

❤️ Cook a meal with your lover!

❤️ Start now and make photo books or the cute books you fill in with info about why you love that person or special stories, etc.

❤️ Gifts for guys - I like anything Yeti coolers, tumblers by Hydroflask or Yeti or Corksicle, backpack coolers, plants or desk decor, funny underwear, framed pic of you together!
Box of snacks/treats they like for their desk/office.
A car bag- like a travel bag with masks, sanitizer, mints, floss, etc.
Muscle massager!!

❤️ Think of their daily lives and what is practical that they could use daily.

❤️ Celebrations don’t have to be grand and they don’t have to be the same every year and you can start a new tradition anytime!

❤️ Any fun or treat out of the ordinary will make the day or week seem fun and exciting!


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