Episode 122: How To Be Awesome At Avoiding Negative Talk

The average person has a negative thought every 2 minutes.  That’s whole lot of negative thoughts in one day and we all know all the reasons why this isn’t good for us.

Lindsay’s been researching something that affects our lives and our days SO MUCH MORE than negative thoughts… negative talk!

Today, we are focusing on what comes out of our mouths that is negative, much of which we don’t even realize we are saying, and how much it affects our days and our lives.

We are talking about being super intentional about what we say and stopping ourselves when it’s a complaint or it’s labeling something as negative and changes how you see it and how you act.

Rather than trying to train ourselves not to think negative things - this is easier because it’s very specific.  Don’t say negative things out loud.  
Studies have shown that it is 10x more powerful than if you think it!!

So we just aren’t going to stay stupid things out loud, no more verbalizing negativity.

In this episode, Lindsay talks about how the stories around negative talk are crazy and can change how your days and weeks go.  And how many of us self sabotage and don’t even realize it.  

She’s talking about keeping yourself busy so you don’t have time for it and never labeling a day as a  “bad day”…. Especially early on in the day!

We are avoiding complaining and implementing new strategies when you have the negative thoughts.  Lindsay talks about how to change it up- listen to something - put something else in your ears!

You can change your days based on the words that you say, and in this episode, Lindsay shares exactly how to do it!

CHEERS!  To your most awesome days!

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