Episode 115: How To Be Awesome At Taking A Personal Day

How To Be Awesome At Taking A Personal Day

How to be awesome at taking a personal day.

So it’s basically one recharge and reset day.  Where you do all the things you’ve been wanting to do but don’t have time to do.  Maybe it’s super productive or maybe it’s a full relax and recharge day.

So you have the kids covered, or you take a full personal day from work… whatever your daily obligations are… they are covered and you have the whole day to do what you want to do.  

Here are a few ideas that Lindsay gives for what your personal day could look like:

✨Yoga and movies

✨Purge closet

✨Take an online course

✨Try out some new recipes

✨Make photo books

✨Get a massage and/or facial

It should be whatever you feel like you’re missing in your days now. That’s what this day is.  It’s YOUR day for what YOU need.  Design your day ahead of time with no obligations and nowhere you have to be.

Cheers to your personal day!

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