Episode 109: How To Be Awesome At Creating An Awesome Inner Circle


Do you want to know the best hack for having awesome days?  Surround yourself with awesome people!

This podcast is all about your inner circle- the people you talk to the most and spend the most time with. 

We’re talking it in two ways… first, the importance of nurturing relationships that matter to you and not just getting in the routine of having your spouse or your boyfriend or your kids as your closest people… but also the importance of friends and what different people bring to your life. 

Lindsay is opening up and sharing the mistakes she made in her 20s when it came to friendships and how it’s really helped her grow and make sure she never makes the same mistakes again. 

We’re also talking about auditing that inner circle. Lindsay really thinks the saying is true… you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  So let’s be intentional with it.   We’re talking about creating an awesome inner circle of people that motivate you, that inspire you, that listen without judging you… all of it!  

Here are some of the key points Lindsay covers:

  • Energy is contagious!  Positivity is contagious, negativity is contagious.. it’s all contagious… so let’s make sure you’re around the people 
  • Start trimming your friend group and start adding to your friend group based on who you want to be.
  • It’s so true… who you hang out with is the best predictor of who you become.
  • Confidence is contagious.  It’s all contagious!!!
  • What do you want?  People who are gossiping or people who are negative… or people who are changing things… and learning and volunteering. 
  • Add one new winner friend and cut one negative friend.
  • If it's a close family member- just talk to them less.
  • The power of social media - you can DM people and be motivated- you can listen to podcasts - you can watch TED Talks…. There is no more excuses for how you grew up or negativity around you… 
  • You get the choice- and you have to get away from toxic people.
  • Do you have one person in your life that sort of messes you up everyday?  
  • Team dynamics - you know how one negative person on a team can bring the whole team down?  Is that happening in your inner circle? 

You might not even realize just HOW MUCH your inner circle affects you. 

Let’s be intentional with it!  Cheers, to your awesome inner circle!

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