Episode 108: How To Be Awesome At Holiday Gifting

How To Be Awesome At Holiding Gifting

This is it!! Your holiday guide for awesome gift giving! We’re talking about giving the most thoughtful gifts, gifting on a budget, supporting local businesses, not buying just to buy… and doing it all in an organized way so you actually enjoy the process and it’s not stressing at all.
It’s one big planning and ideas chat all about holiday gifting!
Here are some key points Lindsay covers: 
  • Shopping small businesses
  • Making lists and keeping organied
  • Have extras 
  • Get lots of your favs
  • Check out Lindsay’s gift guides
  • Don't over buy just to buy
  • Think about personalized things 
  • Think about things people will use all the time
  • Teachers - look at their favorites page 
  • Gift cards with a gift
  • No classroom things … or supplies… no home decor items or knick knacks or jewelry 
  • Get one personalized thing instead of lots of little things - it goes a long way
  • Keep notes of what people mention or like 
  • Don't get what you want them to have - get what they would like most 
CHEERS! To giving thoughtful gifts all year round! 

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