Episode 107: How To Be Awesome At Helping Your Kids Navigate Through COVID

How To Be Awesome At Helping Your Kids Navigate Through COVID


It’s hard for us, as full grown adults to navigate all the changes and emotions related to COVID.  I really can’t image being a kid going through it.  

Lindsay has been researching strategies and ideas for how we can best support our kids during this time. And that’s what this podcast is all about.  Lindsay’s top 30 tips for helping your kids navigate COVID in the best way possible.  

Lindsay talks about how she’s more worried about the mental health affects of COVID, than the actual virus for them.  

It's so important to slow down and take time to listen to them, create new fun family traditions, to get outside and adventure, to celebrate little things and rather than cancelling everything- modify it in a way that you feel comfortable with.  We’re taking about setting a good example because they can’t be better than you are.  

Lindsay talks about playing music in the house, rather than having the news on.  Focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t do. It’s different but also awesome.  Let’s go! 

Here are a few tips Lindsay covers: 
1. Be flexible and patient
2. Facetime friends and family 
3. Routine - plan downtime
4. Be open and honest - through school closing etc.
5. Quarantine friends - make small pod & see how you can comfortably hang out with people 
6. Listen to them and let them feel the feelings
7. Self care for kids- as important as it is for adults! 
8. Little celebrations!
9. New traditions - like Sunday night family movies
10. Keep it positive, don't make a big deal about things 
11. Work on life lessons - laundry, send mail, make smoothies
12. Don't cancel everything - modify
13. Don't let them be afraid - remind them it's temporary and empower them
14. Find masks they like
15. Set a good example - they can't be better than you are
16. Nightly talks
17. More reading - start a book series
18. Get creative outside
19. Give everyone space - it's a lot of together time
20. Don't freak out or make a big deal
21. Find afternoon activities that are going on outside that are comfortable
22. Music in the house - not news!
23. Special treats and experiences at home
24. Make the holidays a big deal! Decorating, crafts and baking
25. Virtual classes
26. Open communication - it's okay to feel sad
27. Have something to look forward to
28. Focus on what you can do
29. Be flexible on what they need - adjust based on what they tell you
30. Celebrate!! In little creative ways

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