Episode 105: How To Be Awesome At Party Details

How To Be Awesome At Party Details

In this episode, we are talking about party details. The little things that make a celebration extra special.
Whether it’s an adults birthday or a kids birthday, or a holiday party… Lindsay is going through lots of ways to make it special and memorable.
It’s all about those little details and that doesn’t always mean it has to be expensive.  Some of Lindsay’s favorite details from events that she's thrown aren’t pricey at all- it’s more about the creative thinking and the personalization and sometimes, getting crafty with a glue gun.
This episode is packed with lots of ideas to make your next celebration unique and personalized and fun!  We’re talking about everything from the invitation to a little goodbye gift or treat and everything in between.
Here are some ideas Lindsay talks about: 
  • Incorporate photos into party details 
  • Pictures in frames through the years
  • Chalkboard signs to personlszie things or hire someone to make signs 
  • Balloons - on your own or with help
  • Banners - custom or bought as is
  • Backdrops - wrap in wrapping paper  - make a wall out of balloons 
  • Rent things from a wedding planner 
  • Do one big search for inspiration first! 
  • Activity ideas! 
  • Make your own carnival games 
SO many fun ideas for your next party!!

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