Episode 104: How To Be Awesome At Not Letting Judgement Stop You

How To Be Awesome At Not Letting Judgement Stop You

Lindsay thinks the number one thing that stops us from doing things we want to do is… judgment.

Maybe you don’t start the business you want to start or don’t post the picture you want to post or actually quit what was a fantastic idea…  all because of judgment.  Judgment from strangers on social media or even judgment from family or friends… it’s all toxic.  

In this episode, we’re going to train ourselves to care more about our opinions of ourselves than anyone else’s opinions of us.  

How to condition our minds so that a negative comment on social doesn’t break us and worrying what other people will say doesn’t stop us.

How Lindsay has learned to call out her own fails and misses- so there’s really not a lot that people can say about her- she's already owned up to it and it takes the fire out of it.  It lets us all move on from it. 

We’re talking about not letting judgment stop you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. 

A few key points from this podcast: 

There are a lot of people who will quit what was a million dollar idea. Who wont ever make the podcast that will set their soul on fire and will stop doing the thing that was genius because someone was mean to them on social. So the easiest way is to limit what you consume on social.  But sometimes it can still get to you. 

Here’s the thing for Lindsay - any minutes she spends being upset about what a stranger says to her is minutes she's not spending cuddling her kids or building her business. In the slowing down of 2020… it's made her think about all this stuff so much more. It’s crazy that people take the time to consume your content then leave a negative comment on it. Like her podcast, when she sees a negative post or comment - she first sees if there is something constructive in there- and if not, she tosess it. She doesn't let it penetrate because if you’re putting yourself out there and doing things you wont be for everyone. 

Heres the thing- that comment isnt about you- that comment is about the persona that someone has made up about you or its THEIR issue, not yours. Lindsay honestly thinks… shit they must be so unhappy.  Thank goodness I don’t have to go home carrying all that stuff with me. Lindsay doesn't let anyone else judgment override her own opinion of herself. Own your losses!  If you call it out, there’s no fire to it.  

Letting someone else dictate your life is immediate unhappiness because you don't have control. When you’re 92 and you're thinking back- you wont care what that stranger said - or your aunt who’s unhappy.

What are you stopping?

Lindsay hates how many people are judging without knowing. You are judging and you have no idea what is going on in their homes. We all have short comings.  Why cant we say - I'm good at this but not at this? Are you really going to not lead your life because of someone’s anonymous comments dictate your behavior?

You can ACTUALLY end up thinking these thoughts. It's your fault you aren't doing your thing… you’re letting it in!! You give up on listening - and you’re clean and you can go!!!

Here’s the thing… you only have so much time. You have one life- it's much better to live it for yourself than someone else.

Judgment is the ultimate dream killer and it can completely control us. This episode is all about how to break free from that and do whatever it is that you want to do!

And that’s awesome!!

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