Episode 103: How To Be Awesome At Sticking To Your Fitness Routine

How To Be Awesome At Sticking To Your Fitness Routine

Today, Lindsay is sharing her 20 favorite tips for sticking to your fitness routine.  
We’re going to talk about setting up a routine that works for your life and how to make a plan that you stick to.  
How to keep up the momentum and get the momentum back when you’ve lost it.
How to find fitness that is fun for you so you don’t dread it and how to change it up when you need to.  We’re talking about planning ahead and getting outdoors and just doing the best you can each day and knowing that's not the same everyday.  
Lots of other things like getting yourself workout clothes that you like and are comfortable and preparing your playlist and or audiobooks and podcasts ahead of time.
We’re getting into why it’s important to know your goals and why this is a priority in your life.
Here are a few points that Lindsay talks about: 
  • Make a routine of it - and one that works practically 
  • Plan ahead so you stick to it
  • Do fitness that is FUN for you so you dont dread it and change it up if you need to 
  • Get outdoors! 
  • Do the best you can - it's different everyday 
  • Treat your workouts like an appointment 
  • Give yourself some grace 
  • For some people - buddy system
  • Try new types of workouts - I believe in muscle confusion 
  • Get workout clothes that you like!
  • Podcasts and audio books 
  • Keep the momentum going- and when you lose it- get right back on 
  • Even if you are short on time - do something
  • Know your goals and know your why!
  • CELEBRATE!!!  Lindsay’s favorite way is with a massage! 
CHEERS to sticking to your fitness routine! 

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