Episode 102: How To Be Awesome At Crushing The Morning Rush

How To Be Awesome At Crushing The Morning Rush

In this episode, we are talking about so many little things that you can to do make your mornings run smoothly.  So you aren’t rushed and stressed and late and forgetting things… instead it’s calm and organized and efficient.  

Even if you have little kids in the house.  

Lindsay is sharing a few of her favorite books on this topic and the best lessons she’s learned from them.

The way your day starts sets the tone for the day.  So let’s make a plan so we are never stressed and rushed and crazy! 

You know when you have such a crazy morning that you finally have a second to stop going in 100 directions and you look at the clock at it’s 9am and you’re like oh my gosh I’m exhausted it feels like it’s been a full day already.  

We’re going to hack that today!  How to organize your evenings so you are ready for the next day, and how to set-up the most efficient routine for the mornings so they run smoothly. 

No more morning craziness for us!

Here are a few key points that Lindsay covers: 

This is one of those topics that Lindsay wishes she would have researched long ago because now that she's read about all this stuff, she's like… how did I keep doing the same thing over and over and not realize it wasn’t going to change and there had to be a better way?

Lets think of what your goal is:

  • Do you want more time for yourself
  • Do you want time to work out?
  • Do you want more time to get ready?
  • Do you just not want to be frazzled as you try to get out the door?

 Finding time for yourself allows you to be so mcuh better at ALL the other things!! 

Wake up early - go to bed early - none of this works if you are going to bed super late.

If you read the 5am club- its a great book for morning routine. 
They say 7.5 hours is the sweet spot for having the most productive days. 
Lindsay tries to be in bed at 9:30 and asleep by 10 and wake up at 5am.

 Lindsay does the same thing on the weekends- she just pushes it back an hour - she wakes up at 6 and go to bed at 11am.  She keeps pretty much the same routine.  It keeps the momentum.  But you have to go to bed at the right time.  And it doesn’t have to be drastic- just go to bed a half hour earlier than you are and wake up a half hour earlier … baby steps!
You know she loves an alarm on your phone to remind you of who you want to be etc.

So she has alarm at 8:30pm that basically says you have one hour before your ass is in bed.  

Plan what workout you are going to do - so you dont loose time in the am!

Wake up without distractions - listen her podcast episode about a great Morning Routine podcast… she goes into lots of this.

We want to make sure that your mind is not distracted.  Lindsay turns her phone off airplane mode so she can make sure nobody needs her or there isn’t something urgent- but she's not checking email or social media. Once you turn it on- you can get into overwhelm.  

Move your body early - have your workout clothes laid out!  Saves you time!

Have breakfast planned - so none of this is like ok let's figure out what the hell is the plan for breakfast. 

If you have kids, have a plan for their lunch or have lunches fully packed.  Just think about whatever could end up taking your morning sideways and do it ahead of time!  

Pick out clothes - layout 2 options so if the weather is different or they dont feel like one option, we aren't ending up in the closet together for 2 minutes.  It’s such a great routine to teach your kids too. Take the time while you have it to plan for the next day and really think about what you want to wear etc. 

THEN tackle your most important 3 things.  You have to go to bed with intention and know what your big goals are.   It makes it less overwhelming!  Just 3 things that you would love to get done.  And do those first, when you are the most fresh.

Next up - face the hardest thing first!
There is a book called EAT THAT FROG
It's all about doing your hardest thing of your day first.
Take the most time consuming thing, or the thing you usually dread and eat that frog.
Then, reward yourself. For me it’s always yummy food! 

Also- drink your water early!  We are talking about front loading your day here. You have the most energy- you aren’t tired, you are your best. Let’s get those most important things done first. 

Plan for healthy eating.  Food prep, etc. The minute you eat fast food or crappy food that you didnt want to eat- you’re done.  You’ve lost your energy, your body won’t function the same.

FOOD is FUEL.  You dont want sugar and junk slowing you down. And lots of times we just do this because we are in a RUSH.  So we are going to crush that rush.  

Ok so this one is awesome - at night - Lindsay challenges you to read 10 minutes at night.  She loves audio books and online courses but she swears it’s the best habit.  She gets through one book a month now with just 10 minutes a day.  It’s amazing!  This podcast is about morning stuff but it’s honestly all the same. Going to bed on time and with a clear mind is so key for the happy and non-stressed morning. 

The night before - lay everything out organized so you arent dashing like whereeee is this?? Lindsay tries to put things in the same place and have them ready to go! 

An awesome morning leads to an awesome day, so let’s plan for it!! 


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