Episode 100: How To Be Awesome At Pivoting

How To Be Awesome At Pivoting

One of the biggest lessons of 2020 is we have to be able to pivot. 
Lindsay thinks that changing your mind is often seen as a bad thing but it’s actually brilliant. It means we are learning and we’re growing and we’re willing to adjust when things need adjusting.
Lindsay thinks that by not pivoting we sometimes allow ourselves to stay stuck. So many people have had their lives turned upside down this year.
So many things that many of us have worked for... didn’t happen because of Covid or weren’t at all what we hoped or thought they would be. 
And as much as it feels awful at the time Lindsay thinks sometimes a good kick in the gut can benefit you. It can force you to be tougher… and it can force you to pivot.
Lindsay talks about how she used to be resistant to pivoting because she felt like she was accepting that she was doing something the wrong way just before the pivot. But that’s all wrapped up in crazy unnecessary ego. Lindsay is talking about why she loves the whole concept of pivoting and why she thinks you will too! 

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