293. How To Be Awesome At Getting Out Of Mediocre

Polls show that over half of people walking around are unhappy and I think it’s because they are stuck in mediocre. A mediocre job, what they would consider as a mediocre relationship, mediocre health, mediocre version of whatever success means to them.
And likely they probably have a story why they are stuck in mediocre. But the real story is, you can get unstuck anytime.
Now, of course, some of us were still dealt a more difficult card than others. So it’s going to take more work to get out of mediocre but it’s possible because people who have had it harder than us have done it so we can too.
It comes down to being honest with yourself about how you feel about different buckets of your life, realizing and believing that you’re incomplete control of all of it, and then establishing daily habits that support the exceptional version of you, not the mediocre version.
I’m very positive and optimistic about the world we live in but I also think it’s so easy to win right now because most people settle for mediocre. They simply aren’t willing to do the hard work, or they are stuck in habits and routines that support their mediocre life, or they accepted that they are not good at something without actually putting in the hours required to become good at it.
We’ve got one shot on this planet and mediocre is not the plan. 
Here’s the trickiest part - when you are honest with yourself and assess what in your life is mediocre - it feels painful like you should have done something differently. 
But when you lose the ego behind it and take it with the approach of - well I can’t do anything about what’s happened before now but I can for sure take all the lessons learned and make the best decisions going forward.  It’s not a fail on me - it’s forward focusing with a growth mindset. 
WHY do we sit in mediocre sometimes? 
Fear of failure 
Easier to stay in your comfort zone 
Lack of ambition 
Conforming to social norms 
Limiting beliefs 
Not willing to work hard 
Perceived lack of resources 
HOW do we get out of it? 
Get around a new crew/ have different influences 
Outwork your self doubt - Alex Hormozi 
Focus on learning and improvement always 
Have high standards for yourself 
Take massive action 
Learn from failures and embrace them 
Stop getting distracted and doing the wrong things 
Consistency and discipline! 
Set-up systems and processes so it all seems more do-able 
Have a clear vision of your long term goals and set-up habits to do each day that support those goals.
We have to be willing to have discomfort now - and resist immediate satisfaction, for the long-term satisfaction that is so much sweeter!