292. How To Be Awesome At Deleting Negativity

I do quite a few podcast topics around living in the most positive headspace possible.

This one takes it to the next level. I’m sharing specific action steps for completely deleting something negative from your life.

I’ve been trying to get to this point for years and something happened recently that made me realize. I’m there.

Quick story…  another mom friend and I were working on a project for a group with our kids and another mom came in blazing with all this negativity and opinions and it was just ridiculous. My friend and I were the ones doing all the work and she came in hot and I had all these opinions about how we were doing it wrong and was offended. It didn’t involve her. The whole thing just made no sense.  But it was jarring at the time because she sent emails and CCed other people, on and on .

OK, so fast-forward to last week my friend and I are talking and the other mom who had tried to make our life miserable joined in and we all had a nice chat. Afterwards, my friend reminded me who she was and I was like oh my gosh, you know it’s so crazy. I had physically deleted that experience from my mind. I had no idea, that was the woman because it just didn’t exist anymore.

A big part of this is focusing on what you can control. I can’t control her crazy so I deleted it.  Today we’re going to go through exactly how to do that.

Let’s define some terms - what are we deleting?
Negativity, judgment, drama, anything that makes you feel crappy or bad about yourself or upset or stressed or insecure.  We don’t need it.  So we aren’t just going to try to ignore it, we are going to completely erase it from our headspace so it’s not taking up our precious bandwidth.


-Realize what it is

-Take the fire out of it

-Focus on what you can control

-Journal am and pm to clear your mind

-Think of something SO important to you and realize that time you spend thinking/talking/stressing about the thing- is time away from that something important.  Like bike riding or playing with your toddler or calling your mom.

-Control your thoughts

-Control your words- if you don’t let it grow, it can’t get bigger!

-Don’t respond to crazy!  Tell yourself - I don't negotiate with terrorists!!!

I’m telling you, the clarity you will feel from not carrying around all this weight that isn’t needed is crazy!!!

Focus on what you can control - let go of the rest.

When you think about protecting your happy headspace at all costs - when thats an actual priority of yours, all of this gets easier.

CHEERS to hitting the DELETE button on anything that doesn’t bring you JOY!